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We're not going over this again. When tens of millions of phones are still sold today with absolutely no design change and NONE of them are exhibiting this problem and NO ONE is actively complaining about it, it was NOT a problem with the phone. It was a problem with AT&T (and in Australia, in areas of equally poor service). Period.

I have an iPhone4, on my second actually. Both have some issue with reception, it can be quite annoying, yes I get dropped calls or low reception.

If it is sitting all by itself, or in a car cradle, no issues. fantastic in fact. I am in Australia on Telstra and travel through LOTS of reception areas and it blows me away how receptive it is until I touch it.

I do not use a case and have smashed it twice, second so bad I got an out of warranty swap. I want to use a case but all the ones I have seen impede left/right swiping and get in the way of the extreme left and right keys of the keyboard.

Yes I see it as a design flaw, one of two actually. The other is the freakin gorilla glass, so hard you can't scratch it, but watch it shatter. My observations so far suggest that it is a combination of the glass and the stainless steel band transfering shock through to it, especially from the bottom corner to the home button. I still also have issues with the proximity sensor not registering.

The IPhone 4 design always struck me as being like the Mac Cube, incredible but educational for Apple. It will turn into the mac mini and rock.

I am just waiting patiently for the iPhone 2012. Yes, I will get it even if it holds the design. I need a good flashlight with sms and synced contacts.
you only have freedom in choice when you know you have no choice
you only have freedom in choice when you know you have no choice