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How can I automate tasks with an IPad?

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I work at a college, and we have recently picked up ipads for many of the faculty. We are collecting information about student attendance and other demographic information in the Numbers program. What we would like to do is have all the dozens of ipads automatically send the Numbers spreadsheets to a central computer every night, so the faculty doesn't have to remember to manually send an email every day. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
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This would be tricky to do on any system really as it wouldn't know when to send the file nor which file to send.

You could use a shared iCloud account that auto-syncs files but this would probably sync all documents and it may overwrite some if they are the same name.

You can also try iwork.com:


They'd still have to remember to share the file but it's done inside the app so they don't have to go to email and attach and get the right email address. It would be nice if the server could detect that a file hasn't been shared and send out a push notification as a reminder.

Another option would be to use something like Google Docs where the edits and saves are done directly to the server so there is no sync step involved. It doesn't need a continuous internet connection but this would work best if the iPads were regularly used in range of wifi.
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