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I said a while ago that I thought Apple might go with new sizes for the new MB range:

12" & 14" MBA
16" & 18" MBP

If they eliminate the border around the screen and go with an edge to edge screen instead they should be able to increase the screen size without increasing the overall footprint of the machines.

But I actually think 11 & 13 Airs will remain, while Pros may be consolidated into 14 and 16 inch models. That would be a boon for most buyers as 13 inches is too small for a true Pro user, and college students should be eyeing Airs anyway. The 17 inch models are too bulky for just about anyone, which leaves most actual Pro customers eye-balling the 15-inch models. Well, without the HDD and SuperDrive, these new 16 inch machines could offer greater screen size, equal or lighter weight and still not become the heaping machine that a 17 inch MacBook Pro is.

Then of course, these 14 inch models could be sold in Asian markets. I see that as a very nice product matrix that leaves us again with 4 laptops and 4 desktops. Nice, clean, simple and just enough options to hit all major usage scenarios.