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Apple to reportedly double 'iPad 3' RAM to 1GB - Page 2

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Originally Posted by austingaijin View Post

Doubling the RAM won't have an impact on power either, because it's likely a single chip regardless, and probably at a higher density (nm) than the iPad2 memory.

Quad-core and the new screen (which requires dual lighting bars) are the only things that might really impact power consumption. However, as is rumored, I would expect an enhanced dual-core rather than a quad-core in the iPad3. The slightly thicker case of the iPad3 can probably be attributed to the new camera assembly, but I would expect Apple to make lemonade out of lemons and use the extra space for a slightly bigger battery.

I agree with everything you've just said.
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Tegra 3 was more power efficient than 2 thanks in part to its four cores being able to run at a lower frequency during certain tasks rather than two at a higher one, the assumption that 4 instantly means a greater power consumption than 2 is false, and Apples might be on a 28nm fab process which would bring it down even lower. I would still prefer a much faster dual to a slower quad, but just on the energy thing people are mistaken. And A15 designs are still about a year out, so unless Apple made a ground-up Krait-like architecture similar to the A15 but earlier it would be A9 based still.
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If Apple managed to get supplies of the Qualcomm MDM9615 chipset (which combines CDMA, GSM and 3GPP LTE all into one chipset), then the new iPad will include LTE support.
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Originally Posted by sranger View Post

I hope it has more memory. My original iPad crashes all of the time now in Safari after the latest update. It appears to be running out of RAM and IT IS VERY ANNOYING....

The iPad 1 never had enough RAM. Even running 4.2

I got rid of mine as soon as 2 came out for literally that specific reason.
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Originally Posted by therealestmc View Post

If you have a jailbroken ipad, you check how much memory you have in sbsettings.

Or use Xcode.
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Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

The new iPad is not even out yet and CNET is already disappointed. and the comments are hilarious. how is it that an inferior tablet can outsell it's more worthy competitors by so much? I guess all of us who purchase iPads are dumb fools sucked in by Apple's slick marketing? /s


No, not all. Different people buy for different reasons.

But it cannot be disputed that Apple's marketing results in huge numbers of sales.

Many, many people buy an iPad without even considering anything else. Why? For lots of reasons, including their desire to be one of the crowd while simultaneously being an individual who thinks different.
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