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Hey folks, bit of a noob here...

Ordered a 16gb wifi black iPad (it's due in on Friday). I opted for wifi since I have a 64gb iPhone 4s and it is everywhere I go... Hence mobile hot spot (free with my provider) should cover off the requirements for Internet access on the go. But I'm starting to doubt my plan since the new iPad won't have GPS which is kinda handy when geolocating pics... I still plan on using my iPhone for most activities of pics and video, but there's always the possibility I might take a few shots with the iPad...

I am in Canada under Bell, and have reasonable hspa+ coverage in my normal areas, so I didnt think the 4g thing was super necessary. Right now where I live, Bell doesn't have LTE coverage but Rogers does (although coverage is apparently quite small), so I could have opted for a data package from them... But I just don't think it would be worth it as I do any major downloading from home wifi network.

Also doubting the selection of 16gb... I was going to go with 64, but then after think about it, I'm not even sure how much I will actually use the new iPad toy. My current iPhone had about 15gb used, but I am lazy and installed a bunch of crap that I should just remove, so I figure I have a good 5gb used, giving another 11gb (minus formatting issue of course) for whatever other stuff I might find to do on the iPad.

And advice would be appreciated!