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Insanely Doomed - New Book on Apple

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Press Release: From Insanely Great To Insanely Doomed Why Apple Will Crash Without Steve Jobs.

New book argues that Apple will not be the same company it was without Jobs in charge.

Apple keeps getting more and more valuable,

In the first two weeks of this month, Apple was adding nearly $9 billion a day to its market value. By itself, the company is worth more than the entire listed retail sector in the US. It is now by far the largest business in the world.

And yet, it is less than six months since Steve Jobs, the industrial genius who created Apple, and drove it forward relentless, sadly died.

When he passed away, there was a question nagging away at anyone who followed Apple.

Would this still be the same company without Jobs in charge?

In his new book, technology writer and entrepreneur Paul Tuner argues that it wont be.

Insanely Doomed: Why Apple Will Crash Without Steve Jobs argues that there are two types of entrepreneur. A man such as Henry Ford creates an entirely new system for making things. Once he was gone, the system endured, and Ford could carry on a leader of the global auto industry for decades afterwards.

By contrast, there are men such as Dr An Wang who created a whole series of fantastic products such as the calculator and the word processor but whose companies faded away when they were no longer in charge.

Jobs was brilliant, no one questions that, says Turner. From the early days of the personal computer revolution, and then with the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, he was so far ahead of the rest of his industry it was impossible for his competitors to keep up. But he also created a precarious business model.

When he was alive, Jobs used to describe his products as insanely great, says Tuner. But right now the only thing that is insane is the way everyone expects that Apple will be the same company without Jobs in charge.
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A "brilliant" essay, huh.
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Jobs' most important traits were twofold:

1) vision for products that excel at practical usefulness combined with attractiveness (in short, "the best computers in the world")

2) the relentless attention to detail to unsure the vision happened.

He was not the best businessman. He was not the most efficient manager.

He was the charismatic "rockstar."

Now, the rockstar is gone, but the products themselves have been the highlight all along.

The vision and the attention to detail will remain. I would say Cook is three times the business man Jobs was. He is not as polarizongly charismatic. But he is a brilliant business man with fundamental understanding of the entire market and how it changes.

Ive is underrrated as an inventor for Apple. Jobs name was on many patents, but that is to be expected. ive also complimented Jobs in his design philosphy. and he remains. It seems from the marketing to website, TV, software design, hardware design, product intro's, etc, these fundamental apple principles are well entrenched in the company and won't be going anywhere.

Apple has risen because people were sick of being abused by MS etc. They wanted great prodcuts that they owned and did what they wanted to do easily, reliably, and look good doing it.
the difference is that Google, MS, HTC, Sony, etc. take shortcuts when the pressure is on. Apple doesn't. In the end, their products are better for it. That isn't going anywhere. And it appears Apple will be much better off now than ever before.

the proof will be in seeing what NEW products Apple produces in the future.

The iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes, etc. all came about under Jobs. Let's see what Apple does now.
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