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I wonder why everyone is making such a big deal of this.

Apple apparently misrepresented something under European law. It could have been a rogue employee or it could have been management's policy. In either case, they were caught, will pay a fine, and have agreed to rectify the problem.

End of story.

There is no "apparently" about it. Apple were found guilty, they appealed and lost and still refuse to comply. This doesn't strike me as an example of a rogue employer. It strikes me as being the actions of a firm that decided that the initial fines were not punitive.


Apple either have to obey the law or cease trading directly in Italy, after the paying the new rumoured fine of 300,000 EU.


The Apple resellers are, and have been happy to comply, so why shouldn't apple? If you don't agree with sovereign laws then use agents/resellers or steer clear of that country.