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Ericsson mobile phones were always cutting edge back in the 90's, before Sony bought a stake. They innovated Bluetooth, but had to license it out because they couldn't afford to complete the R+D on their own, they were also the first to release a mobile with a colour screen in the T68...

Ericsson mobile phones were reliable, handsome, technically superior to any other manufacturer of the day, had the most user friendly UI in existence & were almost indestructible could throw a T68 at a wall and it would come back in two pieces - put the (Ericsson developed) Li-Pol battery back on and it would work again.

right up until their acquisition of Ericsson shares, Sony had never previously made a handset that captured anyone's imagination or one that was reliable! Their "Mars Bar" phones were amongst the most unreliable (and ugly) you could buy! their solution? introduce a "Jog Wheel" to make navigation easier!

So they buy a stake in an innovative little manufacturer that needs the money and proceed to ruin the interface with proprietary branding and 'features' that all lead to Sony's mobile website ...they ruined the experience.

Will their completion of the acquisition of the mobile division help their profitability? No ..because they'll still try to direct users to the corporate site rather than allow them to make the decision to visit for themselves! and if you try to force people's hand, they'll rebel.

I personally haven't bought a Sony product since the Rootkit scandal of 2005 - Where I previously would have bought a Sony, I instead bought an equivalent Samsung or (once) LG - including mobile phones, TV's & Blu-Ray players. They don't deserve my hard earned cash.

Here's hoping Ericsson can rebuild a mobile division that starts innovating again.