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OSX operating system integrity check

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Hi fellow Mac users! I didn't know where to post this so maybe someone can help.

I've slowly been converting from PC to Mac. The Mac is awesome and powerful when you know how to use it. I have a few laptops and recently had an issue with one, I restarted it and got a circle with a slash. After an extensive search on how to resolve, I discovered that a safe boot did the trick! Macs are mysterious to me in that I don't know why or how it was fixed. But what if it didn't? In Windows there is something that can check the OS system file integrity (sfc scannow). I want something like that for my Macs. I have found 'file' and 'HD' integrity checks, but I need OS level.

Why must Macs be so mysterious? I want to know more about the OS and be able to tell if I'm going to have/currently having issues. Is there anything out there that I can use to do what I want? I can buy it, I don't care. This system is so cool, I want it ridiculously solid and for me, that means being able to perform OS integrity checks.

Thanks everyone!
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Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility

Find the drive you want to check and choose "Verify Disk". Comes back green, all's good. Comes back red, put your install disc in (the one that came with your machine) and boot to it. From there, instead of reinstalling, go to Tools in the Menu Bar, choose Disk Utility, and do the same thing, except "Repair Disk" instead. Then it should come back green.

If NOT, your hard drive might be dying. But get that far before we go further.
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Thanks for the reply Tallest Skil.

When i had the circle slash issue, I actually did have a bootable device where I used repair disk, but nothing happened. Not until I used the safeboot was it resolved. Are there any 3rd party applications that I could use?
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