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Congrats to Zane.

As an employee of the now merged United (fomer Continental employee), I will tell you that Zane has had a reputation of being somewhat of a financial hawk, in that he was very meticulous and fiscally conservative. I'm sure Apple finds that trait appealing in that they are most likely trying to find ways they can save money on costs, thus improving profits. Now, how that will be implemented with him in Sales, not sure, but I'm sure we'll find out.

Oh, and Hudson was right on point, in that those who are not pleased with United, ought not be placing blame on Zane Rowe as he worked for Continental who had an excellent culture of working together, providing exceptional service, and in his case had a great record of profitability once Gordon Bethune took over the airline in around 94.

It will be interesting to see how our now merged airline will function, but it will certainly take time for the new United to incorporate Continental's culture. This is the goal, so hopefully the perceived image of United by some of those may change as time goes on.