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I am looking out for a powerful office APP which predominantly supports excellent use and editing of MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL and in general all Microsoft Office Applications. I have done my own bit research on it and have come to these two APPS that I think suits me the best But I am now totally confused on which one do I choose between these. Both of them have equal amount of fan following and both of them have equal amount of positive and negative reviews and it is becoming difficult for me to find out which one should I go for.The one's that I have selected are

1. Quick Office PRO HD
2. Documents to go

The Plus and Minuses that I have read about both these Apps are Documents to go has a solid functionality, support for MS-Word so anyone wanting to work on MS-Word I think Documents to go looks promising. Quick Pro HD in totality is a good APP with very intutive interface.

Now a little on my need and requirement. I am gonna be extensively working on MS-Word and MS-Excel. So I am looking out for a APP which has the most comprehensive support and functionalty covered with the respect to those. I am looking out for a APP which has a very powerful Word Editing ability like maximum number of Fonts included like "Calibri" I can add bullet points and stuff. People have made me to believe that Quick Office is the best in terms of User Experience general UI and stuff. So overall Quick Office is something that one should go for. But I am also made to believe Documents to go has a very good word editing software. What do I do ? I think I want to go for Quick Office but I am just worried will it have the same Editing abilities like documents to go !

Many Thanks all of you.