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need os 9.2 but..

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Hi all,  I need to run a scsi dirve with os 9.2.   I currently have a G4 with OS 10.5.8 sitting unused in my closet, but I don't  have any original install discs for it, must have dumped them long ago.  Do I need to zero data the 10.5.8 before installing the 9.2.?  How without 10.5.8 discs?  Thanks so much. 

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You don't need to zero the drive but you might have to change the partition type to Apple Partition Map if it's currently set as GUID. If the partition map is ok, you should be able to install OS 9 from a bootable disc.
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Thanks Marvin.  Not sure how to do that, but a quick help search yields instructions to boot from an install disk.  I don't have any bootable discs at all, yet, but I know 9.2 is available at Amazon.com.  Do I need that to check Partition Map?


Thanks again. 

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Originally Posted by nickmt View Post

Do I need that to check Partition Map?

If you open Disk Utility and select the drive, it will tell you at the bottom which partition map the drive uses.
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Thank you.  Confirmed.  It's set to Apple Partition Map.  So I'll go ahead, purchase 9.2, load it over 10.5.8, and hopefully it'll work.  !  I'll let you know just to follow up.


Thanks so so much. - Nick

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I've tried to start computer with OS 9.2 disc in drive, but holding down C doesn't bring up a new install window, it only brings me back to my 10.5.8 desktop with the dvd drive window open... OS 9.2  icons...  I tried directly installing OS 9.2 over 10.5.8, but a window appears saying classic is no longer supported.  Seems like I have to zero data the 10.5.8 first, no?  If so, how?  I don't have those discs.  Thanks - N

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 It's a mirror door g4 from 2002,   Now, if I go to system prefs> start up disc, I can see an image of the 9.2 disc in have in the cd drive, but when I highlight it and click restart nothing happens.  This 9.2 disc isn't an original disc.  Maybe that's my problem.  I haven't found 9.2 elsewhere, but I know Amazone has 9.0 for $30.  Maybe that's my best next step.  But I'm not opposed to doing the windows way.   Am I missing something obvious??

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This site lists the minimum OS as 9.2.2:


It might only boot from the original disc. This thread might help:


Not being able to install classic will hinder things - some people managed to install that first and then modified the files to get it to boot up. You might be able to do this manually by copying the system folder off the CD.

If it's a FW800 model, it will be more difficult.

Would the SCSI drive not work under 10.5? There are USB to SCSI adaptors:

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scsi would not work with 10.5 even with special adaptor(s) I added for my film scanner from 2002 until upgraded to 10.5 last year.  After that no scsi anything.  But more importantly the camera driver I need to use requires os classic.  So it's either os 9 or I go windows nt or something like that.  


It's a FW400, and that maxoxhints forum link is very informative! Thank you.  Some of it is over my head, but I have renewed hope.  I'll follow up after I follow those leads. 

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If you can't locate a copy of OS 9.2.2 for a G4, I'll lend you mine. Go to my AI private message site and tell me how to get it to you.  

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REALLY Nice of you!  Thanks.  But I've bought a new hd loaded with tiger and 9.2 from headgap.com  That should do it.

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