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I agree with you though just because of how I live, I often set the bar for things very low to avoid too much disappointment. For a company such as Apple, I should have high expectations however because I often lack regard for high expectations of other things in life, I feel the same way about Apple. I want them to put the best of the best in every model of computer they have. If I feel they do a good job on something, I'll make that my purchase. If I don't feel it's a good deal, than I shall avoid it.


For a premium computer company, they should be the leaders and not the followers. I hope they change under a Cook leadership.


What would you like to see go into the mini and iMac?

Not sure on the imac. In the mini I'd like to see better SSD prices or easier disassembly. I read about some people breaking stuff even though it's listed as user serviceable. I'd like to see a 1GB card at the very least because with common requirements for such a machine like light (recent) games, photoshop, fcpx, etc. the machine should be able to hit recommended specs within its shipping year. 256MB of vram is one of those things that annoys me because I consider it expensive enough fully configured (with keyboard, mouse display) that it shouldn't have any gotchas. The imac is flawed. Fix the design. Make it run cooler rather than frying the panel. Make a desktop system which doesn't need to be thin actually serviceable. Apple's priorities seem to be making people chase after bright shiny objects. They could focus on quality over pretty design for once. I mean they've always had their problems, but it seems like the priorities have shifted drastically toward this thin is beautiful mantra that annoys me to no end.

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Apple's new motto:


It's good enough...


Lol, it seems some of you have forgotten the purpose of the Mini.  It isn't supposed to be a computing solution, it was designed as a marketing solution.  How to provide Windows users a way to jump both feet into Mac OS X?  They look at the iMac's price and think, WTF, I have good display, I'm not throwing it out to try Mac OS X!  Thus the Mini, which is really just a way to demo Mac OS X and is intended to be disposed of in favor of an iMac at the earliest opportunity.


The Mini is purposely gimped, it has nothing to do with hitting a price point.  No sane engineer would design a low priced desktop computer using laptop components.  The only reason it works at all is because Ives turned the turd into a shiny bauble to attract weak-minded fools.


The iMac...sigh.  Such a beautiful display married to an inferior AIO design.  Apple couldn't even bother to put any USB ports in logical locations, it's like they never heard of a flash drive.  I suspect once the resonance of Jobs' reality distortion field dissipates, products like the iMac and Mini will fail spectacularly.  

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