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New Cinema Displays Soon??

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With the redesign of the MagSafe connection do you think we will see a new display soon with USB3? Also any thoughts on upgraded panel, I like my current Mini Display port 27" but with the purchase of a new 15" Retina I'll probably be looking to upgrade to add ethernet, and firewire.
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Ooh… We're going to have to, aren't we?

Actually they'll probably just put a MagSafe-MagSafe 2 adapter in the box. At least until all their models use the new port.
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What's odd is a lot of manufacturers are showing off high-res TVs:


and a few showing expensive displays:


Pricing in the last link is noted as possibly $30-40k. Fairly cheap compared to this one:


Unless the panel manufacturers make a better and affordable panel, the Cinema Display will remain as is. Apple might have to make a TV to increase the volume of shipments in order for the cost to come down. Maybe they can just glue 9 iPad screens together without a bezel.

I also don't see them updating the monitor until they can resolve the situation with the Mac Pro not supporting the Thunderbolt version. They should just be making a single model.
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