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The New iPhone Rumours.

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The release of the upcoming Apple iPhone presumed for product launch this fall, has been in the waits for many customers. The New iOS 6 Developer Beta's have shown a few hints of it's new features. These are... LTE, Apple 3D Maps and turn by turn navigation by Tom Tom with built in live traffic data routing, A seperate podcasts app with auto downloadable content, Passbook, a paying method, and shared photostream albums, as well as facebook birthday calendar and sharing functions. The new iOS 6 has shown significant improvements to the messaging app, and added new features to siri. As far as the user interface goes they have changed the grey backgrounds of the app store to a more vivid white and have started categorizing apps by descriptions. A popular app, that was made by apple a few years ago... remote, allows for the ability to control your iTunes music player via your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It has been shown in few patents that the company is looking at intergrating a tv remote app into the Appstore for Apple TV customers, as well as bringing the Photobooth app from the iPad to the iPhone. 


The next iPhone is set to be released before this Holiday season, and may include a thunderbolt dock connector, as well as a 4 inch display, increasing the size of the device by 7 mm in vertical height, and reducing the width by atleast 2 mm if it is to use in-cell multi touch screen technology, which could be manufactured by toshiba or sharp. For that to happen, a larger thinner battery will be used.The device is set to come with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, as well as a quad core processor dubbed the A5Xm made using 28 nm process technology and 768 to 1gb  of ram. The device might carry an Imagination Technologies V6 Series Chip that improves the current graphics of the device from 7x over the last generation build iPhone, the 4S, to a whopping 20x better process, and be 100x more effiicient at handling graphics power usage. It will most likely sport a thinner upgraded version of the 8mp pixel camera and a better front facing camera to include facial unlock features, as well as handle voice communication over lte and facetime over 3g/4g. It is set to come in varieties of 16 gb 32 gb and 64 gb and might have the possibility of including haptic feedback to it's display, but it's very unlikely. It is recommended that you do not upgrade your iPhone 4, and rather wait out the season if you have been longing to get the update, and wait till Fall when the device is launched.

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