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I just had a crazy idea that will absolutely not happen. But it's fun to think about anyway.

What if Amazon made an e-ink phone? Basically a pocketable Kindle. Give it a 4 or 4.5" screen, and have Amazon subsidize the data connection like they do with the 3G Kindle. So you do have mobile web, but it's limited by the capabilities of the phone itself, and all you have to pay for is the voice and text plan. Free with contract, $200 without.

So obviously with e-ink you'll be limited in how useful it is for traditional smartphone applications, but it also has a ton of advantages. Battery life for one. Cost would be another - it would be a "smartphone-lite" for people who don't want to jump in with a $30/mo data connection in addition to what they're already paying for their phone bill.

Like I said, I DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO EVER HAPPEN, but it is an interesting thought.