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2-PMs per day limit

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Tallest Skil,

I'm afraid our PM conversation ended when I hit a "2 PMs sent per day" limit. 'afraid I won't be able to speak further with anyone ... until tomorrow? If there's anything you can do about this, it would be much appreciated. And this thread could be deleted after.

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It's because you have (had) no posts. It's an automatic stoppage of PM spam; accounts can't just sign up, never post, and send out thousands of PMs to legitimate users.

Stick around, post some more, and the number increases. Unlike vBulletin, I don't believe there are any hard limits to the number of PMs you can have; just help out a little, discuss, answer questions, and your PM cap should increase.
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Limit still applies after 1 post, so here goes. I found the AI staff page by mapping the URL from our page. The page populates automatically (as do Mod listings below subforums) when the assignments are set right.

You can set the assignments from your admin section -> Structure -> Discussion Forums. The 'shield' icon beside each forum is used to set mods to forums. The "roll call" checkboxes cause mods to appear under the thread list in each forum, and to appear on the staff page. Beware setting usergroups to appear by themselves on the staff page - any supermod or admin will then be listed in the separate section, and not in the per-forum assignments.

There is a partial user listing (useful for special groups) in the group reports. But nothing's sortable in any user listing.
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