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How to Restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud?

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I have all my photos on iPhone can Other Data on iCloud. Since my Photos are too large ( Video ) iCloud doesn't backup my photos.


Recently WhatsApp update has managed to delete ALL my history. And i want to restore it .


Restoring My phone from iCloud would mean i lost all my photos.


Is there anyway to go around this?

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Are you a Mac or PC user? If it's the Mac, there's a local copy of all your iCloud storage, and you can dig up and restore the Whatsapp backup files from there using iExplorer. If you're using a PC, your only option is to back up your entire phone to your PC through iTunes (sync all your photos and videos), then restore from your iCloud backup, manually copy your restored Whatsapp file using iFunBox, then restore again from the backup on your computer, syncing all photos and videos, then replace the Whatsapp file with the old version using iFunBox. The process would take hours.

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I just love how MAC makes things so easy while the PC makes you dig around the dirt till you get it done. And people wonder why more and more people prefer to have a MAC

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I wonder if it's because iCloud and the MAC are built to work well together by the same firm? Maybe they even make it difficult for Windows users on purpose?


No, that's implausible, they're just such gentle people. Geniuses in the store and everything. Can't be. Microsoft must be stupid on purpose, yeah that's easier to believe. 



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Hey There, I have backed up app data could you help me upon how to restore the local app data to mobile. Facing some trouble, help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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