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Samsung expands chipmaking business with $310M mobile tech purchase

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Samsung has strengthened its position in building mobile processors for devices like Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as its own electronics, through the acquisition of mobile technology invented by a U.K.-based semiconductor design company for $310 million.

Samsung's purchase of Cambridge Silicon Radio PLC's mobile connectivity and location technology business was announced by the company on Tuesday. The Samsung hopes to strengthen its mobile patent portfolio with the acquisition, reportsThe Wall Street Journal.

"By leveraging CSR's research and development capability, Samsung will strengthen its application processor platform," said Stephen Woo, president of System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics.

The transaction is expected to be finalized by the fourth quarter of this year, and it comes as Samsung is already the sole maker of Apple's custom ARM-based CPUs found in iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

As competition and lawsuits have grown between Apple and Samsung, various reports have indicated that Apple would like to move away from Samsung and not rely on the company to produce its custom processors. Numerous reports have claimed that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is vying for Apple's business, but it's not expected that such a deal could be made before 2014.

Apple was said to have signed a major foundry agreement with TSMC last year to build future ARM-based products. However, it is believed that Samsung's fabrication facility in Austin, Tex., remains Apple's sole CPU provider.
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"This headline was written to make you believe that Samsung might have bought ARM Holdings PLC."
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Samsung, a conglomerate that practically engages in everything from manufacturing electronics, home appliances, shipbuilding, insurance, retail, etc, looks more and more like the entire nation of South Korea. This is pretty sad for Koreans because the fate of the entire country depends on one company. Koreans will regret letting Samsung grow to be such an enormous monster.

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But I really like Samsung's refrigerators!

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Korean mega-conglomerates are known as chaebols. There is more than just Samsung in Korea. Hyundai and LG come to mind, but AI readers typically only think of Samsung.

I own a few shares of Cambridge, which I obtained when Cambridge bought SiRF. they rose 33% on the news. Does anyone know if this is a cash or stock deal? I really don't care to own Samsung stock.
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Even more creepy, Samsung would probably run into problems with Rico if they were based in this country.  The president of the company has had to receive 2 presidential pardons to continue as Chairman of the holding company that controls Samsung.  Bribery of public officials is not a good way to do business but seems to be an unimportant mistake for the top Dog.  My business has just begun working with a franchisee in Korea, and one of the telling cultural memes is the infallibility of leadership. While my partner was visiting a town that was 800 years old his guide asked him if he knew what the rope hanging next to the front door of the nicest house in the town was there for?  The answer was it was used by the village elder to pull himself up so his shoes could be put on him by his servant without having to bow down to anyone else in the village.  I really want to visit Korea.  It is a vibrant and growing country, but that story still makes me wonder how much of that cultural view still exists.  

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Between Samsung and Hyundai, they control much of Korea's industries.

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I find really touching the people here wondering about the South Koreans well-being, culture, etc. I mean the Apple/Samsung competition is really taking a whole new proportion for some.

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Apple keeping Samsung in the black, yet Samsung isn't smart enough not to infringe and copy Apples products. Its only going to wind up hurting everybody

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Creepy? Really. It's business and business is war. Get over it.

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