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And they report it as 'iPhone' because it helps to prove the point that a single phone lineup by a single company is, in their sketchy math, beating a whole platform with dozens of players. 

 I am honestly not trying to be controversal but why are you treating  eCPM as evidence that any OS is superior to any other OS?


At the risk of being presumptuous, I don't get the impression that you are involved in on line advertising. My online advertising budget is small fry but if it were large I don't think that I would specifically target any OS, let alone browser unless I had reason to believe that the conversion rate was significantly different between OSes for my specific product.


I just don't get the Apple Good/Android Bad flag waving about advertising returns. If it were sales/customer satisfaction/column inches I might understand your triumphant tone., but advertising?  In the cold light of day what does it tell us; that the non_apple firms serving the adverts are better at targeting apple customers, or that they are more susceptible to advertising or that all apple customers are so rich that they buy anything offered to them, by the same token are android owners tight fisted and not dumb enough to fall for crappy adverts on apps that they they were too tight to pay for. Personally I don't believe that either set of generalisations are true.


Are you advocating that I should start clicking on 3rd party adverts, and then buy the advertised stuff, on websites that I visit just so that I can claim bragging rights about my OS/browser of choice?


What next? Bragging rights about which mobile OS customer is more likely to be mugged?