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Reaching Out

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I’m currently a senior at James Madison University and have been doing web design since I was 14. I’ve had such a passion with it that I started my own web design company. This ultimately led to be one of the first student teachers at JMU. I am teaching a class on CMS’s specifically Joomla and Magento (although not a true CMS it fits the bill). Although this is a massive undertaking I’ve decided to take it one step further.

I am building an online interactive learning system. Much like many of the tutorial sites out there but meant to be more community based. I will be providing step by step lessons using screen recording tools. I’ve also providing great community support through forums and a yahoo q/a style system. I am currently building out this system but have started a kickstarter project to help bridge the gap with funds. I’ve invested incredible amounts of recourses to make this project happen. The ultimate goal is to make it a free community and free tutorials for everyone to learn.

I would simply ask that you spread the word on the campaign! I am looking to get it as well known as possible. The link with more detail is here: http://kck.st/LXUl9c We simply ask if you have free time to spread this concept to your users! We know it would be beneficial for everyone to learn a CMS especially in todays culture where everything is becoming web based.

Thank you for your time,

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Wow. Well bloody done. Looks like you met your target on Kickstarter.

I am hooking up Silverstripe to KendoUI.

I strongly suggest you include KendoUI as well.

The Future Is Mobile. The Desktop Is Dead.
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