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I'm late to the party and I knew something was fishy but anyways, after an excellent documentary on ABC (Australia) 4 Corners, here's what I gathered.

Assange was in Iceland, kicking ass online.

People (US, etc. got pissed off)

Assange went to Sweden for conference.

There, his fame and adoring fans got him laid with one smart, talented and sexy lady.

Then the tribal fuckup happened.

You could say that as per the book Tribal Leadership the information-leaking tribe was happy in and of itself and was enjoying their success revealing some of the dirtiest secrets of humanity.

But then simple temptation and petty jealousy kicked in. Assange slept with the lady he was living with for 3 nights or so. Then, he slept with another, perhaps, more innocent adoring fan.

The first lady initially thought this was all cool and she could handle it (this is Sweden after all)... But things rapidly went downhill.

A few days later the first lady went with the second lady to the police because of something weird ~ the second lady, "supported" by the first lady, went to the police to ask if Assange could be forced to be tested for an STD, because suddenly (???) the second lady was worried about an STD.

Then of course during the course of the police investigation suddenly there's talk of rape/ molestation/ etc.

From the evidence presented in the documentary it seems to me that all sex was consensual, and that the first lady got jealous/crazy and second lady got worried/ jealous/ crazy and then things all fell apart. Then of course, the Swedish authorities found this was a good chance to nail Assange to the wall and let him dry for the US to swoop in and throw him in a deep, dark hole.

Now, of course, to be fair, there is a possibility that there was molestation/ rape/ coercion and so on, but other than possible "date rape" with the second lady the first lady was living with Assange for a good few nights, and going to events, parties etc. with him.

So of course, the main thing is for everyone to just STFU and conduct the trial in Sweden as due process of the law. Unfortunately, the extradition to the US is a real issue so I understand Assange's course of action.

But let me go back to... the tribal fuckup.

No, it's not some hippie orgy, the screw-up was this. You see, as I have experienced, when you are in the "left", "fighting the power", and so on, you get a variety of people at different Tribal Stages (as per the Tribal Leadership book).

In the "left", you have Stage 2 (my life sucks) as well as Stage 3 (I'm great, you're not) behaviours exhibited by people. Rarer than you think there is Stage 4 (We're great). There are also some Stage 1 (life sucks period) behaviours but normally not in more "sophisticated" "leftist movements".

So Assange and the first lady seems to have been around the Stage 3 mark but then remember as he drew many fans, there are also people in Stage 2 who suddenly find an outlet for everything that they feel wrong with themselves, let alone the world.

So in amongst this morass a seemingly working tribe at Stage 3 and Stage 4 (the first few years of Wikileaks) then starts to get dragged down by Stage 3 and Stage 2 behaviours, including perhaps by Assange himself not considering the effect of his actions on the tribe.

So we get to a stage of Stage 2 and Stage 1 now, where the first and second lady are probably not feeling so good, continuing on with the case, and Assange himself, I really don't know how this guy gets 1 minute of sleep a day, if at all.

The irony of the situation is that of all the might and vehemence of the US, this seems to be a Wikileaks implosion that gave the opportunity for the vultures to swoop in.

This is of course, assuming that the CIA was ~not~ involved in infiltrating the Wikileaks tribe and coercing/ planting/ setting up Assange in Sweden.

So here's my predictions.

15% chance this is all set up by the CIA/ Black Ops/ MI5/ Whoever
60% chance this was a tribal fuckup as I described above, with no rape/molestation
5% chance it was rape/molestation with two women by Assange

Please discuss and comment.