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I request a gentle few words of advice that I may pass on to mi esposa. She is an avid photographer. She gathers $*1+pot$ of photos, loaded frequently from an SD card to both the MBP and her iPad, and organized and edited via iPhoto. On the MBP, editing is also done via Pixelmator. Syncing is done via iTunes. She often ends up with missing pix, duplicate, and even triplicates, in various edited versions. The edited versions on the MBP (on inspection by me) will show -1, -2, etc. designations in their filenames, of course.

Thing is, I don't want to, don't have time to, and she wouldn't want me to, continuously supervise her work. Is there some "best practice" we can learn that will ensure proper cohabitation of photos (single versions, none missing, both boxes)? Obviously, we don't know it now. I would truly appreciate your kind advice!