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I think that the MTA executives in charge were simply Apple fanboys and really wanted Apple in the Terminal and in the end, caved to Apple's superior negotiating skills.

Yeah, right. It has NOTHING to do with Apple producing products that people are crazy about (next your going to tell me their high market cap is due to marketing, right?) and that Apple Stores in and of themselves are destinations.

Yup, that had nothing to do with it AT ALL - the board were simply fanboys.

Seriously - do people say shit like this out loud and keep a straight face?
And because they really wanted Apple, I think they purposely rigged the system a bit so that no one else could jump in and take the space by submitting a slightly higher bid - especially a retailer who might have been more downmarket, like a Target or a Best Buy.

Target and BestBuy? This is your alternative? A retailing genius you are not!
I don't necessarily think that the MTAs insistence on getting an upscale retailer in the space was a bad thing (it's frequently only the big, crappy national chains that can pay the most rent), but it probably did violate their own rules.  

And your probably blowing something out your butt too. If they did, then bring it. With this report people (perhaps "people" is too much credit - lawyers looking for an easy buck) will certainly be looking the deal over closely.

My prediction - much like the iPhone 4 Antenna-gate, this will blow over and fizzle into absolutely nothing. Want to talk about wasting tax payer money....