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Hi everyone,
I am here to ask for some insight, 
Long story short I recently started my own company offering on-site Apple support for Business and At-Home support for Consumers.
We offer services from setup, data transfer, training and support for consumers, as well as all of the above plus remote management, mobile device management, purchasing assistance, and loaners for businesses. 
We are only a couple of months in and really want to ramp up our customer base. As any new company we are trying to find the best way to reach our customers.
So my question for you is where do your friends and family that have Apple and are would need services like this going for at-home help, how are they finding these services.
We want to be able to advertise and reach customers through the best channels, and since most people think the Apple store is their only option we are looking for some great ideas to find new customers.
Thanks guys for taking the time to read this
For those wondering we are located in North Carolina Piedmont Triad area)