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When a Pharmaceutical Company like Pfizer brings a new drug, like Viagra (Sildenafil) to the market, it took a decade and a billion dollars to do so.  Then they only have a limited number of years until the patent runs out and generic drug companies market their own version of Sildenafil.  Of course the generic version is cheaper and not as good.  Should Pfizer go out of business, the generic drug companies will be hurt as they have no R & D department to bring new drugs like Viagra to the market place. 


Samsung is like a generic drug manufacturer.  If Apple didn't pave the way to the wonderful products we enjoy today, Samsung would not be selling the products they slavishly copied. 


Would you feel good about taking generic Viagra?  I find it hard to believe anyone really wants a Samsung product.  They are looking for a "good enough" product or they are uninformed how superior Apple products are.