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Originally Posted by MacBook Pro View Post

There are not any currently shipping smartphones which utilize the ARM Cortex A-15 architecture. (1) (2)  This just demonstrates how poorly informed Android advocates are.
Apple will use the 32 nm process technology they have previously implemented on lower volume devices (AppleTV and iPad 2) but will almost certainly use the same (or better) CPU and GPU as the A5X SOC simply because the SOC can be much smaller using a 32 nm process rather than a 45 nm process and certainly much more efficient as well.
  1. Agam Shah.  Published 19 April 2011. 
ARM Expects First Cortex-A15 Devices in Late 2012
  IDG News.  Retrieved 30 August 2012.

I stand corrected. I thought the S4 was using A15 architecture, but it is not. And there's no need for your douchey remark. Though I do like Android, I'm not an Android advocate so much as an advocate for non-ignorance (ironic in this case). I think people should use whatever fits them best, which in my case is a MacBook Pro, an iMac, a Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7. I made the decision to purchase those products because of what they offered me instead of what logo was on the box.
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Tim Cook using Galaxy Tabs as frisbees





Tim Cook using Galaxy Tabs as frisbees


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Noone gives a shit. These tech heads have shown that they are utterly irrelevant in the market place, as well as being completely deluded as to what makes a good product for the vast majority of people. The Internet is their only bastion where they can make noise and pretend that their holier than thou opinions matter, and their record of being completely wrong about everything is near 100%. they should just buy components and frame on their fridge, which thy can then jack off to, because when it comes to how the actual product performs this seems utterly irrelevant to them, and care only about meaningless numbers. See the galaxy note 10.1, very well specced, runs like complete shit.

Specs are a means to an end, not an end in itself, the point of which to get the product to perform its functions well. They completely miss this premise, instead focusing on the specs in a vacuum as if this matters. These are the same people who bought $600 videocards every month with their self built liquid cooled PCs, mocking people with laptops or store bought pcs, pretending they're somehow being more productive with the power, and not that their focus on that is actually filling an empty whole in their lives where a social life and human interaction would go. The same people who mocked the original iPhone bc it didn't have a physical keyboard, and a billion ports, predicting that because of this it would fail. The same people who predicted failure for the 4s, which ended up becoming the best selling phone on the planet it selling all previous generations of the iphone combined.

/end rant


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Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

Remember also that the process shrink to 28 nm would likely cost the SoC zero extra watts to move to quad core.
My feeling here is that this is just a process shrunk A5X with enhancements. The real interesting future is in 64 bit arm technology. AMC just announced a 64 bit ARM chip at Hot Chips to ship in a few months. 64 bit is the future and as such I suspect that the next iPad will get a 64 bit SoC. We may very well see a split in processors for iPads and iPhone class devices in 2013. The smaller handhelds would get follow ons to the A5X for a couple of more years while the advanced tech goes into the next iPad.

I doubt it. My opinion is that until the tablets come stock with >4GB of ram, from a design perspective there is absolutely no point to use 64bit CPU's in them. There's probably one or two versions still in the pipe before 64bit cpu's are needed.

The 64bit ARM cores will be seen in servers first, because servers with only 4GB of ram are completely useless, and Intel's lack of putting ECC in desktop/laptop CPU's requires some competition in the form of reliable low-power ECC-capable CPU's. I'm certain Apple has 64bit cores on the drawing board, but we're probably not going to see them till 2014 or 2015.
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