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Boot Camp and Lion

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I have a MacBook Pro 17 early 2007 build that now has achieved legacy status with Apple. After having the LCD screen replaced, I went ahead and installed a SSD and using Boot Camp have installed Win7. The problem is that I am unable to download the Window Support software from Boot Camp with the same message each time that the Server is not available. I suspect that this is Apple's way of telling me that I will not be able to get this information easily, in essence a rather annoying FU from Apple. 

    Does anyone have a suggestion as what to do next? My version of Lion was obtained from the App Store so there is no DVD install disc.

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Try getting the download from the direct link listed on this site:



The instructions on the site are to extract one driver but the whole driver dmg is inside. You can extract that and burn it onto a disc or image it onto a USB pen and install in Windows.
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I appreciate your help. I have downloaded the file but how do I copy it to a DVD? Drag and drop doesn't work and when I open the package it is copied to my SSD.

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You can either extract the .dmg using Pacifist:


or run the installer. It will put the WindowsSupport.dmg in /Library/Application Support/Bootcamp

This .dmg can be burned to a DVD using Disk Utility. As soon as Disk Utility opens, click burn, select the .dmg and then burn.
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Thank you so much, your input was fantastic and solved my problem when, quite honestly, I thought that I would have to install Parallels to get this to work. I showed your ideas to knowledgeable people who were not familiar with your suggestions and were quite impressed, especially with Pacifist.

I am indebted. You succeeded where Apple did not.

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