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HELP.... can't play movies

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I am having problems playing certain movies and THINK it is since a recent software upgrade to quicktime or upgrade to mountain lion, but I am not positive.


When I play movies that have an AC3 soundtrack, I can't seem to get audio.  When I use the Divx player to play them I get a specific message about a codec but the forums just state I need to download a quicktime add on.  When I play them in Quicktime, it simply states I need to download additional Quicktime components and it directs me to a download page.  


I have downloaded all the Quicktime add-ons on the download page, I have also tried using VLC to play the movies, no audio.  I am not sure if VLC not working is due to having Divx installed or what.


I have also tried to trouble shoot that it is not a specific movie, and have found that it is all movies that have AC3.


PLEASE HELP... I don't ever remember this being a problem till just recently.




(Macbook unibody with Mountain Lion)

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Mountain Lion must have broken a few of the codecs, perhaps some were PPC binaries. There's a thread here that describes some solutions:

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