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iPad Mini, could it kill its big brother?

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The iPad mini. It may arrive tomorrow it may not. 

Lets assume it does. One question I found myself asking earlier today was, 'could it kill the iPad?'


The iPad is the must have gadget for kids, teens and adults the world over, it also comes at a hefty price. People forking out £400 for a unit may well find prayers answered if its baby brother drops and starts kicking up a fuss. The speculated price tag of £200/£250 is significantly less for those consumers where money is indeed an object. Last Christmas saw iPad sales exceed expectations and I still think that if we don't see the mini that it will do so again this year. But if we do see the mini it will sell more units than the iPad and be the more accessible device.


Personally I think it's a great idea. I myself use my partners iPad should I need to leave the computer but if they release a mini at a more affordable price I'd buy my own. So with other consumers potentially thinking as I am in say 2 years time would the bigger badder £150/£200 more expensive model still hold its crown. Probably not.


I know you could take the same stand with any other Apple products, as with the MacBook Pro. I myself am awaiting launch of the 13' Retina model to save money on what is a perfectly brilliant 15'. But with the iPad being arguably more trendy than anything other device on the planet I feel it could have a larger effect long term.


Maybe that's why Steve Jobs was never to fussed over a 7' model? Who knows!



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How can a gimped product kill off a proper one? An even larger iPad would sell better than a 7" one.

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