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IPhone 5 predictions

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Ahead of this afternoon's announcement, let's have a contest to see who can more accurately predict what will be announced as far as thie new phone's details.

Here's what is known...

- Name will be iPhone 5
- Screen will be same width and horizonal resolution
- Screen will be elongated in length with matching increase in vertical resolution
- Screen will have 16:9 aspect ratio
- Screen will have in-cell touch sensors
- Unit will be a tad thinner
- Unit will have global LTE 4G compatibility
- Two-tone design
- Front camera is centered
- iOS 6 pre-loaded
- Mini-dock with 9-pins same size as USB mini (MagSafe features? USB 3.0 compatibility?)
- increased battery size

Unknows and rumors...

- No NFC chip?
- AuthenTec sensor on back? (I think yes)
- Energy-efficient IGZO Sharp screen?
- SOC: A6? (I say yes)
- SOC manufacturing process? (32 nm?)
- Cores? (I say 4)
- CPU?
- GPU?
- CPU clock at?
- RAM (1GB)? (I say at least 1GB)
- Wireless charging? (my guess is not yet, not this generation)
- Guerilla glass? (I say yes)
- Front HD camera (I say yes and it will be 720p)
- Back camera? (I say it will be greater than 8 megapixels)
- Depth sensor for rear camera?
- New general-use sensor tecnologies? (I hope so, but I have no predations here)
- Other new features, details, and technologies? (could be Apple's best kept secrets)

Go ahead, post your predictions before it's announced! Hurry!
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Not even the name is known.


Here's what is actually known:



"But that space is blank…"
Yes, I know. 

"Oh, I thought… you were going to list things we knew."
I did.

Originally Posted by Marvin

The only thing more insecure than Android’s OS is its userbase.

Originally Posted by Marvin

The only thing more insecure than Android’s OS is its userbase.
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more productive processor

more stable

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