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Well, I made a promise to the Divine so I am starting to fulfill my promise.

I believe in the Divine, a Universal Love that transcends everything we know. I feel every sentient being knows this in their heart.

Major Religions have a spark of that yearning but to me are still far from the mark.

The answer lies within.

I personally call my "god" Goddess, simply because the "God" I was taught did not make sense, whether it was Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or Hindu (Gods).

Just like God is not a man, Goddess is not a woman... It is just a term I use.

Goddess Bless You.

This is only the beginning, we are Children Of Creation.

You will notice in your life an "Invisible Hand" that seems to be operating behind the scenes.

My understanding of the Divine is related to the Trinity but as such:

~"God" ~What Is
~"Goddess" ~"Holy Spirit" ie. our one-way path from humanity to Divine
~"Christ" ~ what is in us, ie. we having the spark of creation

Free Will ~
Free will is misunderstood. The Creator made us, but we are all sentient. As such, we have free will, because that free will is the purpose of our creation to join and Create ourselves. So sentience and choice allows us to do whatever we want, but we will be happiest engaging in our Creativity.