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iPhone's new EarPods are great!

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I just bought a set of the new EarPods - in advance of my new iPhone 5.


In a word, they are GREAT.


I wasn't expecting much, but compared to the old ones the sound is much fuller, clearer, louder and with much more bass. They also stay in my ears. 


Sound technicians may not be impressed but I certainly am. Well done Apple for spending so much time and effort on redesigning them.


I just wish they could figure out a way to make the wires more manageable - mine always seem to get tangled.

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I have been wondering about this. I am not picky when it comes to headphones and I have been using the pair that comes with my iPhone(s) for years now. I am very open to this new change and it was sort of an unexpected surprise for me. As long as it doesn't rattle and it stays in my ear, I trust Apple-made earpods will be good quality.

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I think the ear pods are great. I took them out of their little plastic thingie and tried them out. I was very impressed. Now because I am a very unusual person, I don't listen to music 24 hours a day. I wanted to put them back in their little plastic thingie. I can't figure out how to do it. I put the right ear pod in the original slot, wrapped the wire around and the microphone went into its place just fine, but then the wires don't come out even. If I continue, I'll have a loop sticking out. Obviously I'm doing it wrong, because it all fit perfectly when I opened the case. Does anyone know how to put the ear pods back in the case?

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