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I'm generally an apple person. I use a Macbook Air, have an iPad and have owned an iPhone. The last phone I purchased was the Lumia 800, which was unfortunately lost on holiday recently. I actually like the Windows Phone OS quite a lot, though it is obviously not as polished an experience as you get with iPhone. With the Lumia 800, it was a bit frustrating that it took several software updates before the phone operated with all the originally advertised apps/features and was able to achieve good battery life. I'm now torn between buying the iPhone 5 and waiting a bit for the Lumia 920. Perhaps someone here can make a clear case why iPhone 5 is the way to go. Here are the main considerations for each phone from my perspective:


iPhone 5 

+ very polished user interface

+ excellent integration with my other apple stuff and my wife's iPhone

+ availability of many more apps

+ good customer service

+ available at least a month sooner than the Lumia 920

- not sure I'm going to like the long form factor

- interface is a little dull, since it is so familiar and identical to my iPad (which I always carry around)

- expensive and I probably won't be able to buy one w/o contract for some time


Lumia 920

+ Distinctive and polished user interface, a change from all my other apple stuff

+ Excellent core apps, plus cool Nokia exclusive apps like downloadable maps and drive navigation

+ Microsoft Office w/ skydrive integration - this is a huge attraction since I like to update some personal docs in the cloud whenever a thought pops in my head

+ It seems like the camera might be even better than the iPhone's, which is important since my wife and I are expecting our first

+ Extras like NFC and wireless charging, though not sure if I will make use of these features

- overall app selection is not as good

- won't integrate seamlessly with my apple gear (though a basic sync program is available from MS)

- slightly bigger and heavier than what i'd consider an ideal form factor

- still unknown if VPN support will be included in WP8, though one would expect this to be the case

- release date and pricing least another month to go