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iPhone 5 accessories

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OK, so I have my iPhone 5 in my hands after UPS dropped it off. What's next?


Need a case and the Lightning adapter. Did anyone get either of those? Any suggestions of where to find them? I went to the online Apple Store, but didn't see any new cases. About ready to head over to local Apple Store and hoping there is no line.

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Originally Posted by elehcdn View Post

About ready to head over to local Apple Store and hoping there is no line.


The line is for iPhone 5 purchasers. If you want anything else, just walk in.

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Well, I went by the Apple Store. No cases, no adapters. Has anyone gotten any accessories for their iPhone 5?

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Originally Posted by elehcdn View Post

Well, I went by the Apple Store. No cases, no adapters. Has anyone gotten any accessories for their iPhone 5?

AT&T store had a full supply of cases, including ottor boxes. I grabbed a speck case for now until the battery cases come out, and also grabbed a double usb car jack because no adapters were available yet.

AT&T also had buy 2 accessories get an invisishield for free.
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Hello; newbie to the forum and Apple products. I ordered an iP5 last Friday @ATT store and probably have another week before I even know when I'll get it (order still shows Pending). Meanwhile, I've been looking at cases and wonder if anyone is familar with the Hard Candy cases. They look pretty robust, but I'm also looking for any case reviews, good or bad. Thanks.

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Best Buy has a pretty good selection if you want to check cases out in person. Otherwise Amazon has the best prices if you're willing to wait a while for delivery.

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Hong Kong already has a plethora of cases available, including the same bright yellow imitation SGP lacquer case that I was using for my 4s, for about US$7. There are also dozens of manufacturers offering screen protectors, though I bought a cheap one just to hold me off until the Power Support ones are available.

That said, there are no accessories that would require the data/power connector. No adapters, no cables, and no docks. Apple has apparently kept the lightning connector under tight wraps, and the unlicensed manufacturers have not been able to reverse engineer them yet. This may be the reason the official Apple products won't be out until next month.

I've ordered a cable and an adapter (as well as an iPod nano) online from Apple already, and expect them to come one by one starting in 3 weeks or so.
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So is Apple going to release a car charger or license the technology to third parties? Or are we just expected to get a USB-capable car charger and buy a Lightning-to-USB cord for our car?

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Holy smokes, my lightning cable just shipped! I checked just yesterday and it said 2-3 weeks!

And of course apple will license the lightning connector and there will be Belkin and Griffin car kits and cables up the wazoo. In the mean time what's wrong with a car to USB plug?
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I was thinking about ordering the Incipio OVRMLD or Kicksnap iPhone 5 case. Anyone know how these cases compare to the Speck Candyshell in relation to weight/dimensions and quality? Since they come with a lifetime warranty, I'm assuming they are pretty good. I have the Candyshell at the moment but will either order the soft touch version of the Candyshell (don't like the normal one due to scratches) or I will order one one of the Incipio cases. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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