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I don't mine the first iPad not receiving the upgrade to IOS 6. We kept our iPad 2 on IOS 5.1 also. We only upgraded the new iPad third generation, we have 5 kids so 3 iPads used by 7 people, we have 5 kids, makes sense. Selling one for much less money when we owned them for short of a time did not make sense. The kids have to use them for school too.
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Originally Posted by Arthur123 View Post

I wont bather to move from OS5 to 6.
My 3GS is working well and I don't want to mess with it.
I will likely upgrade next near to the 5 when the 5S is introduced.
My 3gs does just about everything I need and imagine it lasted 4 years!


You are missing out! I've upgraded my 3GS to iOS 6 and I am impressed by how much better it runs in most cases. I don't see why you would stay on iOS 5, unless you need your phone to be jailbroken. My 3GS was lagging pretty bad after I upgraded to iOS 5 but with iOS 6 the lag has been noticeably reduced. No it's not absolutely lag-free now, but it's at least it's acceptable now. For example, with iOS 5 if I wanted to take a photo I'd have to wait 6-8s before the camera would be ready - with iOS 6 it's usually ready within 0-2s. Another example is if you've enabled multiple input languages on your phone, there used to be bad lag when trying to switch between keyboards - with iOS 6 it's now a lot faster. These are just some of the more extreme examples - in day-day use my 3GS really is more responsive overall.


Bottom line is that for me there is no situation where the 3GS runs worse after upgrading to iOS 6, and in many cases it runs a lot better. The new features/tweaks in iOS 6 are also greatly appreciated. I too was hesitant at first about upgrading (based on my experience with iOS 5), but I googled and most 3GS owners had positive things to say about iOS 6 so I decided to take a chance. I'm really glad I did. I can't wait to upgrade my wife's iPhone 4! Though it's a bummer that the original iPad is not supported.

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Originally Posted by hillstones View Post

I have two 3GSs to sell and I upgraded them both to iOS 6 and they run equally well as they did with iOS 5.1.1. The only reason not to upgrade is if you want to retain the Google Map app, which is far better and more useful than Apple's Map. I might actually downgrade them back to 5.1.1 as a selling point.


That's a good point about the maps change. However, my 3GS is running much better on iOS 6 than it did with 5.1.1 so I'm going to keep mine at iOS 6. I'm really happy that Apple kept support for the 3GS, even though I'll be getting my 5 in a couple of days. At least my 3GS will be a more usable hand-me-down.

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