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Elf Defense


This game is probably geared more towards a younger audience, but it’s definitely a pretty fun tower defense game. Especially if you have children and would like to allow them to play a tower defense game that isn’t horribly graphic and will warp their minds. I would say Elf Defense would be the perfect game for them to play.


Lich Defense


Lich Defense is a game that a lot darker than Elf Defense, but it’s made by the same company. It’s a new game and I’ve been playing it a lot. I really like it and I think this is the developers attempt at making a tower defense game that would be good for adults to enjoy. So, if you’ve been looking for a good one to play, this is probably what you’ve been searching for. I definitely love it.


Army of Darkness Defense


I’m mainly including this game because I’m a big time fan of the Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness. Army of Darkness is that corny movie with Bruce Campbell and it’s awesome, so it made my list because this game is based off of that. If you watched the movie, you know that Bruce Campbell’s character, Ash, reads from the Necronomicon and wakes up dead soldiers and what not. Well, you have to protect your castles from them! Awesome game.