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Is the iPhone 5 that bad?


1) Leaking light around the antennas?

2) Purple Hue on lens flare?

3) Scratches and dings.

4) Phone is to light.

5) Screen Anomalies (pressure bubbling).

6) Lightning Dock connector (new have to purchase adapter and USB getting stuck etceteras).


I feel this is a chance to disprove all these claims.  I know we as Apple lovers have the chance to present real solutions or reasons to the claims made about the new iPhone 5.  I do not want to focus on iOS 6 because it can be fixed with updates.  The iPhone 5 cannot be fixed per say by a software update.  Here is what I would like this post to be about.  I would like to know what you think of these issues being posted in the media about the new iPhone 5.

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An Apple man since 1977