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Apple iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems persist for some iDevice owners - Page 2

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The problems with IOS 6 and WiFi are real. Many iDevices that never see a captive portal may not see the issue.


My iPad 2 (IOS 6) works great at home and not so good on any captive portal I have tried. Going to a hotel for weekend or McDonalds or work and I see bad issues with WiFi connectivty (I have to renew my lease everytime the iPad shuts down and always have a slow connection)


Does the router just need a firmware upgrade/downgrade or just resetting? I do not know, I can hardly ask McD's to let me tinker with their WiFi network.


How do I know it is IOS 6? Well my iPad worked fine before I upgraded. My son's iPad 1 (non upgradeable) works without an issue, my wife's iPhone 4s (she refuses to upgrade) works fine.


Draw your own conclusions, I have mine. The refusal by Apple to even acknowledge there is an issue is starting to irk me especially as there is no easy way back to ios 5. With the exception of my soon to be out of contract Blackberry we are an Apple family and I'm starting to have second thoughts about my next phone.


Also.... IOS 6 battery life seems suspect, not so sure it is a coincidence that my battery life has dropped significantly since "upgrading"

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The problem posted in that thread (https://discussions.apple.com/message/19654874#19654874) is still an issue with iOS6. The ISP cache is simply preventing going to apple.com, but only iOS6 devices are calling captive URL on home networks and then failing. None of the pre-iOS6 devices lose the WiFi on the same network, only iOS6 devices. Read that thread properly.

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Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

No, no, no, no.
If there are 1365 posts, that consists of:
10 people with an actual problem, posting an average of 20 messages each.
500 people posting "I don't have a problem"
300 people posting "Apple sucks" and "why doesn't Apple spend their billions of dollars to fix this"
200 people posting "I don't have that problem on Android"
100 trolls who have never even used an iOS device saying "it's a huge problem and is going to cause me to lose my job, my wife, my truck, and my dog and Apple needs to be sued to oblivion"
65 people saying "what is Wi-Fi?"
While the above numbers are made up, the point is accurate. For 1365 posts, the number of people affected is far smaller. And I would venture that there would be just as many complaints even if they hadn't upgraded. People tend to blame upgrades for problems even if the problem existed previously.



People will never be contented after all... They kept looking for problems.

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The problem persists for our iPads. My iPhone syncs wirelessly, fine. Our MBPs fail to detect our iPads. I've tried a hard reset, necessitating network reconnect. No help. On connect via cable, *usually* iTunes does the job, but for this. 1oyvey.gif Now iPhoto has a very hard time. During our travels, we download pics to our iPads. Many pics. Upon coming home, we hope to sync them into our MBPs. Using iTunes. Not only does the WiFi sync fail, but cable connect fails to import pics as it once did. We must now use iPhoto import. And having imported, we find that iPhoto on the iPads gets "confused" and must re-index its library (rendering albums and events inaccessible for quite awhile). Insofar as the iPads are concerned, during that time, we must fall back upon the Photos app. All this is a *downgrade*, not an upgrade! Grr.. 1rolleyes.gif
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