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iOS6 Unicode Language Bugs & Problems

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my iPhone and iPad were upgraded to iOS6.

Mail App gives alot of trouble with our Burmese Unicode language.

If  email contains Unicode Language it is frozen for 10 s, no response and move to another response, and take another 10 s.

It is really annoying.

Not even me..all of my friends who did the upgrade are having the same issue.

we r not happy with iOS6.


Not even this all the apps which use Unicode also affected like FaceBook..etc..


Do u guys have a fix?




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Hello zhtway,


I think everyone who updated to iOS6 will have the same issue. I am from Maldives and Thaana is the writing system for the spoken language, Dhivehi used in Maldives. 


if we use a thaana script on twitter, the App crashes. Safari Crashes. Anyone other app which uses the same script, crashes. iOS6 users are left from reading the local news because of this issue.


Lets hope we will get a fix soon.



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It is really surprising to me that Apple didn't look at those bugs.


Attention to detail motto isn't TRUE here anymore.


Unicode is common everywhere and majority of second language people use.

Now it is affecting.


I didn't update PC system soon after release.


I trusted Apple and updated the release without delay.


But now... Apple become PC....


I am so sorry to see it is happening.


iOS6 become notorious ...


I am looking for downgrade but I haven't save SHSH Blob, so no way for work around.


At least I have to wait and hope it is fixed.


My wife is really angry with her iPad and iPhone and has a lot of doubt of buying Apple products..


After Steve Job, Apple is failing.


And now I have a lot of doubt on them.


They start neglecting customers and severely neglecting Second Language Customers.


I'll be more cautious on Apple now.



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