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I've been using this feature on the Google Maps web site (which has had it for almost a year now) pretty extensively. It's very useful for me when house-hunting for a new house, along with Google Street it allows me to get a good look at the house and neighborhood I might be interested in from various perspectives. I can see whether the neighbors are hoarders, resolution is often good enough to tell how good the roof is and what it's made out of (tile, wood shake, shingle, metal), and then I can drop down to street level and see whether the surrounding houses are in good condition with neat lawns and the cars parked in the driveways and along the streets are well maintained and relatively new, or whether it's an utter ghetto. I just checked my new Samsung Galaxy SIII that replaced my iPhone 4, and it appears Google *has* implemented this, sort of, in their new Google Maps for Android. But as usual with Google, the user interface is terrible (you have to hit the little "target" on the screen until it flips into angle view, then swivel the picture by twirling two fingers until it has the perspective you want). I just went and looked at the new iOS5 map on my iPad for my neighborhood, and compared to the Google map it is... odd. It shows two cars in my driveway, for example, but I only have one car. Both cars (and all the cars in all the driveways for that matter) look weirdly deformed, one looks like a pile of junk even.  And I know when the photo was taken and that it was when I lived in this place because it was taken during the time between when the television tower fell on the roof of my house, and when it was removed. (Said tower was just a steel pole with a bunch of aluminum tubes on the top so didn't go thru the roof, but it was a rather large assemblage of tubes and wires on the roof for some months while the best way of removing it was investigated). Uhm, yeah. I think Apple needs to do a bit more work with their data provider on this one. (Google, of course, is their own data provider -- they quit using TeleNav for their imagery long ago). 

No surprise that Maps on iOS 5 suck, Google provided the data.