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Need help with a "duplicate file finder"

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Good Afternoon


I have a macbook aluminum unibody and an iphone4s.  My wife has a macbook air and an iphone5.  We also have an ipad that is used by the entire family.


I have decided to get an external hard drive (1tb) to put all of our photo's, music, and video's on and would really like to sort through it and eliminate any duplicates so we can keep it as one file on the hard drive and access it through each device as needed.  I have not used the external drive as a time machine but am using it as an extra drive.


1)  Is there a good software that will sort through media files and look for duplicates effectively?  It would ideally compare similarly named files as I know sometimes when you save the same media file it saves it, but simply with a xxx-1 or an xxx-2.  I have tried Easy Duplicate Finder and it did not find any duplicates even when I knew specific instances of duplicates on the external drive.


2)  Does it matter that I have separate folders on the external drive to put her stuff in vs. mine?  I don't believe it should as I had it examine the entire external drive, so folders within the drive should not matter.


3)  if the program also had a way to filter out duplicates when files are moved that would be great as well, so I could regularly attach the drive to each computer, and it would only move over files that were new.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  We have over 12,000 photos and videos, so it would be a nightmare to go through them one by one.



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Have you tried easy duplicate finder? They just released a Mac version. I used it so long on my old PC, so was thrilled when they finally released it for my Mac.


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