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So we just switched over to an AT&T Mobile Share plan and we're supposed to be able to facetime over cellular now, but it almost never works.
You click on the facetime button, and it just waits and waits and waits, and the person on the other end never gets a request. I know it's not an issue with them not allowing it because we were able to get it to work 1 time out of about 20 attempts (plus it used to give a nasty message and we can setup hotspots now.)
The mobile sharing plan is activated, so facetime should be good to go.
I think what is going on is that it's losing network connectivity. We'll be on LTE, get a phone call, fall off LTE because on AT&T you drop down to 3G when on the phone, and then you hit facetime, and you're still on 3G, and/or your phone hasn't made a connection yet, and then it's stuck in some sort of limbo between cell networks.
It really stinks, because I actually really wanted the ability to do this and was actually going to be using it.
I'm hoping this clears up somehow, or I find a solution... but I'm pretty annoyed. It's supposed to just work, and if it only works 1 time out of 10, I'll just never even try and it's 100% useless.
I'm not sure if this is Apple's fault or AT&T, but I want a solution.
I dropped out of my unlimited data plan to switch over to a mobile share plan, and facetime over cellular was one of the main reasons. If it's not going to work, I'm going to be pretty upset.