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I've been using FCP X for a while, creating clips and sharing to iTunes for display on my Apple devices (Apple TV, iPad, etc.)  After the 10.0.6 update the other day, I loaded FCP and it said I needed to upgrade.  So I did.  I cooked for a while and apparently crashed (came back later and FCP wasn't running).  I re-launched it and ALL MY EVENTS WERE GONE.  I could see projects and I see the event folders on the Video volume, but FCP didn't see them. I destroyed my preferences and it went back into upgrading my projects (apparently).  After noticing files being updated in my event folders, I decided to let it cook.  The next morning, FCP appears to be normal.


After digging through discovering how to export to iTunes again (29 second clip), I tried it but it hangs.  Background tasks shows Sharing -> Processing:  Transcoding clip <clipname>.


I also let it cook for an hour, but it never finished.  Anyone out there have any ideas, cuz I'm a little pi$$ed.