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I was hoping for Apple to create more GUI for the underlying UNIX core, but I think that dream has gone.
Now I am of the opinion that our Macs will become large iPhones, and directories and functionality will disappear in favor of what the mainstream users do (meaning hiding and removing what they don't understand.)
The average user cannot figure out where they save a document, or why they can't use a VPN when they aren't connected to the internet. Bring in the auto-open, remove save as, etc. All things I personally cannot stand in OS X.

This was a long standing fear of mine that when Apple moved to Intel, they would cater to the masses with OS X rather than keep it moving forward for those that understand UNIX, and its underlying power. It's taken longer than expected, but it is happening. Not trying to say Apple is doomed, because this will make them more popular with the average user. I'm afraid that the professional crowd may be thoroughly disappointed though.