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HELP with Macbook and girlfriend

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Thank you for reading my thread. First just a quick introduction to myself. I have been a Mac user since my first computer in 2005 (12" ibook), I would still have this splendid machine if it hadn't been stolen. I have had my 13.3" Macbook since May 2007. Last year my girlfriend moved in with me, and I found that she was using my Macbook rather a lot, and certainly a lot more than her own PC. In the end I ended up getting one for her (her first Mac it was very exciting, and she is smitten). Its a 2008 13.3" Macbook, so a bit newer than mine. Onto my problem...


Wanting to protect her Macbook my girlfriend is looking into buying a protective case. Yellow is her favourite colour; she says that its a happy colour or something. So a yellow protective case that will fit her 2008 Macbook is sought. I am very keen to get her one but its tricky as they don't make this model Macbook any more and the very last white Macbook was a different shape. 


So if anyone can help me I would be very great full. The case needs to fit the models from November 2006 - October 2009. This is was a hugely popular design so I am sure there must be some sold somewhere. 


Thanks again for reading.

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Is it a white MacBook or is it the aluminum MacBook "collector's edition"?

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Its the white Macbook. 



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My advice would be to be a man about it, you've done your job you've turned her on to the best piece of hardware/software, stop wasting your time on girlie stuff next thing you'll be painting her toenails (which actually could be kinda fun depending on what she's wearing, but I digress), let her buy her own damn yellow protective cover, whatever she buys, it's not going to have any effect on her actual computing experience.

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Don't be a wimp be a man and tell her to do her thing!

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Marvin thanks a million, thats Christmas sorted and I am so poor at getting presents. 

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