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When I click on my device listed in iTunes 11 - on the left side in the listings of devices connected, then click the TV Shows button to see which TV Shows I want to download to any of my devices (iPod, iPad3, iPhones5), it only lists the first 6-7 TV Show titles, out of easliy 200+ full shows that I have multiple seasons on. 



The ONLY way to "scroll down" to other TV Shows is to press the down arrow, BUT, you can't see what the TV show is, just the Seasons because the scroll area of listed TV Shows does NOT advance in the window.  Only the "Seasons available" advances.  In other words... It doesn't show what show it is on, but it does show the seasons from the "mystery TV Show" selected (which you can't see).



If you're like me and named your Seasons Episode: "Episode 1, Episode 2, etc..." you're really screwed!

I have a lot of TV seasons and no problem at all. I cannot figure out what you're saying. Perhaps you could post a picture.