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PDF to Outline App

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So I've been looking through trying to find an App that lets me open a Searchable PDF and then with a highlight function Highlight text that is then put into another PDF/Document for me.

iAnnotate has a function where I can export the highlights as an email but there is all this crap that I have to cut out and the time it takes to clean up the exported Text is almost not worth it. But the way the Highlight function works is desired - As you highlight it saves each Highlight as its own, meaning I have to Hit the Highlight button each time I highlight something different.

The main Idea is to have an App that allows me to make an outline from what I highlight saving, myself time.


Any Apps that come to mind? 

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have you looked at the app writepdf

this is one that i use and it does have a really good search function for starters

you can search for keywords across all docs and it produces a list of links including the keyword specified

i would also ask the developers before you buy just to make sure that its what you need etc esp regarding outlining

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