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Hi AppleInsiders!

I use to post on here a lot a while back but it seems my account was lost so made a new one!
Basically, a few weeks ago I transported my iMac from one city to another, done this a few times always strapped it in good etc. Now immediately after getting home and setting up again, after booting my mac all was well until these lines just appeared on the screen and the computer shut down then went into a loop like you've probably seen with a lot of macs running Mountain Lion.
The fact that it was just after getting transported made me assume a wire or something might have come out of place. But after getting the mac to turn on I got all my vital apps, music, docs etc on to an external and I managed to then install a fresh partition and restored it to Snow Leopard.

The mac was running like brand new! 1 bounce for most apps etc. So I then decided to obviously update to Mountain Lion as Snow Leopard doesn't have all the iOS integration that I use regularly. Anyway, Mountain Lion was running good as new, I'd installed all my apps, devices, plugins etc etc. And it has been running like that for the past 2 weeks until just now it's done the exact same problem I started with!

I've not managed to do a hardware test yet as I lent my original iMac disc to a friend yesterday. But I have a feeling it's software as I've never in the 4 years I've had the mac had any issues whatsoever and now Mountain Lion seems to be breaking everyone's mac?! What's the deal?

It would be of great help if u could brain storm and maybe think what the problem could be as I've run out of ideas!

I have included an image of what the iMac looks like at this moment in time when u first boot.(above)