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Have you guys heard of this? I was considering to buy an S3 (so many people here just badmouth anything that has no "i" in front of its name, I didnt want to be one of them) to see how this thing really performs. I have tried it out on a few occasions... and it just blew my iPhone away. I had a hard time to keep a straight face when my friend wanted his S3 back haha..


BUT now I heard about this Sudden Death! My friend was laughing at me, for paying twice what he did, to evenutally get less functionality...  but who is laughing now?


Apparently S3s are dying left and right! Nobody knows why... the only thing you can do is just to bring it back and have it exchanged. Which of course is no problem, while you still have guarantee on your phone, but what if 1 year already has passed? How functional is your dead S3 then???


So maybe some people here ARE right: Yes, you pay twice the price, no, it won't do all the things Android phones have been doing for a while now... BUT GUESS WHAT: It won't just die on!






If you're going to get an Android phone, get an HTC or Sony.  Much better quality than Samsung.  

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i had the same issue...it was brand new..3 days old..suddenly without no reason device turned off..no matter what i tried it remained same. finaly i took it to a smasung service center they said,..the device is dead becouse of the virus...i havent download anything i havn't surf much. and still waiting for it from   service center 

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I've lost everything on the phone, photos videos everything. Poor customer service at samsung, waited 2 weeks for my stupid phone to have the mainboard changed, not in stock in Perth warehouse, so they needed to get it in. They dont know that the phone is shit and keep a few in stock.

I will never ever buy a samsung ever, not phone tv fridge or anything with that name. Worse experience ever. Samsunk is shit!

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We (in UK) has received another update after 4.1.2 which did not upgrade the version nor the features, but this has apparently fixed the issue. Confirmed by one of my colleagues who had effected from this issue.


I personally had no issues using the S3 and it has been remarkably better and useful in each and every way beyond any other in the current market.


Samsung has one of the best range of smart phones and do not accuse the whole thing just because a failure of one unit. You will soon run out of choices then since almost every maker has failed in one way or another.





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I am just responding to the Galaxy s3 sudden death thread for fear this might be what is happening to my phone. My experience is a bit different then what I am hearing however. I don't leave my phone charging over night so this is not the case with mine. I read some news and made 2 phone calls this morning and went on my merry way. After some time I went back to check if I missed any calls and that's when one by one each and every function of the phone came up with a message not responding and then that was that. I cannot restart the phone, nothing. The only thing that it does do is it lights up at the back up space and menu space at the very bottom of the phone which is useless if I have no screen.

I got the phone for Christmas 2012. I don't have too many apps out of fear(first smart phone) and I have one game that I haven't even played yet. Luckily I have Norton and it automatically backs up the phone once a month.

I just thought I'd add to this thread because if this is sudden death then my experience is different and it isn't happening from staying plugged over night. I usually plug in during the day and when fully charged I unplug it.

Hope this sheds some light on the Galaxy s3 issues

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About 3 months in on my S3. Screen started to glitch on menu button press and then on screen button pressing. Took it to AT&T the next day, replacement phone on the way. Mine's dead now, the phone is on, the bezel hardware button lights, the phones makes that noise it usually does when I drag my finger across the black screen, but the screen stays black.


Hope Samsung get's this figured out.

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I don't know what your consumer rights are where you are but in Ireland you would be able to get your phone replaced repaired or get the cost refunded even if it's out of warranty. Check up on your consumer rights where you live to see if there is anything that protects you from faulty goods
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